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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

KINTO - Tea for one Japanese style

This little teapot from Japanese manufacturers KINTO is the ideal solution to tea for one. Showcasing a distinctive mixture of design, style, and classic Japanese culture, it is just the thing for my desk once the office has been fully refurbed. It takes up only a small amount of space and is easy to use.

Tea For One?

This is a compact tea set designed for personal use, consisting of three stackable parts: a teapot, a cup and a plate. 

The plate is an ideal place to rest a couple of bourbons or it can serve as a saucer for the cup. KINTO also retails the cup, plate and teapot individually, so you can coordinate alternative colours if you don’t fancy just one.   

Built-in porcelain strainer

This is a Japanese classic style of teapot, and has a built in strainer, so if you prefer the traditional tea leaves route you won’t need an additional strainer. 

Award Winning

COULEUR won "2013 Best Collection Design" award at The GIA, Global Innovation Awards organised by the IHA (International Housewares Association.) The design concept, minimalist lines and quality of the product were highly commended by the panel of judges.

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