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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

HAY - Just the right amount of Scandinavian cool.

Hay’s designs are both current and timeless, instantly serving up just the right amount of Scandinavian cool.  
This unique and inspiring brand offer's excellent quality furniture which is also very affordable. Some of their stand-out products are the Mags Sofa (my next home purchase), the About A Chair, the Copenhague table by the Bouroullec Brothers and Woody shelving.

Their pastel tones tailor to the current trend and mix so well with the more timeless neutral greys, beige's etc. They also have an extremely diverse range of products. You could kit out your entire home with Hay.

The new range ‘Wrong’ designed by Sebastian Wrong includes some really stunning lights and a great new sofa – Hackney.
Simple and classic Mags Sofa with the 100% wool colour carpet’s

HAY do dining – soft Scandinavian tones
Woody shelving in white – so versatile

Copenhague Table designed by the Bouroullec Brothers

Love the new Hackney Sofa by Sebastian Wrong

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