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Friday, 21 September 2012

Karoto Carrot Sharpener from Luckies of London

Pealing is fun! Do you have a dull carrot? Don't throw it away! Use this carrot sharpener designed by Jerusalem designer Avichai Tadmor to sharpen it up again again...

This scaled-up pencil sharpener was originally created for shaving curls of carrot onto salads.

Called Karoto (carrot in ancient Greek), this ingenious device - which is available from top UK distributor Luckies of London - can also be used on parsnips, courgettes or cucumbers and comes in black or yellow.

Other products from Avichai Tadmor available in the UK from Luckies include this cheeky Geppeto pencil sharpener – anyone else seeing a pattern here? 

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