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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Maison Blanc Ceramic Candles from Boujies London

Those clever people at Boujies have been spending hours creating four new Luxury Candle ranges, each with a distinctive personality and appearance of its own. Presented in striking white handmade porcelain Maison Blanc is my favourite new range. The wild apple, Sarrono Almond and Sandal Tree candle scents create a fresh bouquet that instantly infuses the room with subtle fragrance.
Their hazy summer aromas are incredibly uplifting and with over 40 hours of burn time they make an ideal gift. Expanding on their incredibly popular Maison Vive Range Boujies have also introduced Maison D’Or a candle encased in plated gold and Maison Noir - featuring an alluring range of scents that draw inspiration from rare and indulgent fragrances from far off places.

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