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Monday, 12 March 2012

Bulky Mugs designed by Jonas Wagell for Muuto

My lovely new tea cups, designed by Jonas Wagell for Muuto were a gift to myself on a recent trip to Copenhagen. The name of the Design House, comes from a Finnish word, muutos; a new perspective.

Muuto represents modern, Scandinavian design at its best bringing new vision to functional, everyday objects - 'New Nordic' as they like to call it.

Muuto is a Danish company, and it’s striving to enhance the Scandinavian design tradition; handpicking the brightest design talent in Scandinavia and giving them the freedom to express their individual story through everyday objects.

These cups are nice and sturdy (they are actually called ‘Bulky Mugs’) They're expressive and colourful with striking oversized details.

I found them whilst scouring the shelves of Illums Bolighus on Storget and bought two cups in eggshell grey. They’re also available in white and bright yellow; there was even another darker shade of grey on display. 

I’m already planning on adding another two in yellow to extend my collection, then I just need to work on sourcing the rest of the set...

1 comment: said...

You can buy the Muuto Bulty Tea Set online from
Toni :)

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