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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Freedom of Expression and Design Liberation in 2012

2012 is promising to be the year of Design Liberation. We'll have the freedom to explore unique colour schemes, exotic materials, and the ability to fearlessly blend the traditional with the new. Design influences will be cross cultural and there will be a greater emphasis on individuality, sparking some very personal and interesting design concepts

Some specific predictions for 2012:

A welcome return to bright, vivid, and cheerful colours, such as ‘Tangerine Tango’ Pantone’s colour of the year, which emanates depth, heat and energy. 


Rustic comfort mixed with high-gloss, polished finishes. The ‘Worthy Luxury’ trend will drive brands to create luxurious items that are also sustainable, helping consumers to justify spending more. 

The blending of careworn and comfortable furnishings with fresh, stylish pieces will instantly update a living space. The economic climate will drive thrifty consumers to combine heirloom pieces with newer design-led items. 

        Mix-n-match accessories that range from natural stones and woods to shiny metals and even plastics. However the consumer thirst for eco-creditability will drive brands to create responsible, sustainable items. Anything throwaway will have to be easily recycled.


Layered fabrics and upholsteries with high levels of colour and contrasting exotic and traditional patterns from differing cultures. The focus on layering and blending materials means again looking to sustainable materials, and traditional production techniques.

2012 design trends are set to celebrate individuality. With eco-style set to be a strong continued trend for the New Year.

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