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Friday, 2 December 2011

Trends A/W 12/13 : Hyperculture

Because people share their cultures with others they are creating a climate of Hyperculture - layer upon layer of different cultural elements that exist side by side in surprising harmony. Today we can actually imagine buying a Turkish rug made from European materials manufactured in China.
Innovative pattern is one of the keys to Hyperculture. Obscure historical patterns can be blended with brand logos and flashes of street art can be combined with strokes of fine art for a clash of techniques. 

Synthetics are mixed with naturals - the most hi-tech new composite materials are combined with the most traditional, basic matters. The timeless knowledge of skilled artisans is combined with the latest in industrial production techniques.
Hyperculture is a global movement of mega-proportion, direction and dimension that mixes multiple cultures, times and techniques in endlessly inspiring combinations.

Potential Hyperculture products:

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