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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Trends A/W 12/13: Radical Neutrality

Radical neutrality is the design version of fashion's new modesty. This serene revolution focuses on intelligence, function and subtle decoration. 

A modern less-is-more design aesthetic drives this movement. Clean lines, pure shapes, and minimal decor are key. Good, honest materials, whether natural or synthetic, are the norm. Designs can be serially produced or hand-crafted, as well as a combination of machine-made and hand-finished. Textures are soft and smooth and inviting to the touch.

Shapes are eternally modern and colour is key, and present in colour-blocking techniques rendered in paint, veneer, glass, plastic, resin, wool or suede. Layers of colour, in transparent or opaque qualities, bring a luminous ambiance.

This space leaves room for reflection, place for pause. Radical neutrality is the new minimalism.
Potential Radical Neutrality products:


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