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Friday, 9 December 2011

Trends A/W 12/13 : Eco-hedonism

The Eco-hedonism trend focuses very specifically on the pleasure that the tactile beauty of nature brings.  
Shapes are organic and texture is a major element, as visible to the eye as it is tactile to the hand. Natural surfaces, both rough and smooth, are key. However, this primordial luxury is also enhanced by some very refined mixes of materials and treatments, and some seemingly natural shapes in sustainable synthetic materials have actually been engineered by man. 

The intelligence of the hand is clearly seen in the sometimes labour-intensive treatments of material. In the felting, slubbing and brushing of textiles; in the layering of leather, the casting and polishing of metal to achieve a deep patina; and in the dipping, coating, and waxing of woods.
Patterns are delicate and refined and appear to have been created by the weather.

Potential Eco-Hedonism products:


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