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Friday, 25 November 2011

Peek Behind The Doors of our Top 3 Advent Calendars

The countdown to Christmas has finally begun, and how better to build up to the big day than with an advent calendar? This is my pick of this year’s most wanted.

What’s behind teabag number 4? countdown to Christmas with a hearty cup of tea each day.

This teabag advent calendar from German company Donkey products features 24 numbered teabags. These are no ordinary teabags – each has a mystery character or festive scene printed on the cardboard tag, just hook the arms of the tag over the rim of your cup and enjoy a festive brew!

The featured characters range from Nativity stalwarts Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus; to the somewhat less obvious Mozart (in Rudolph disguise), mother Theresa, and famed writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

I'm not loving it in this colour, but that can easily be fixed as this super cute crocheted DIY advent calendar can be made in whatever colour you like. It comes supplied with 3 skeins of wool, a wooden stick (25cm long, and 8mm diameter), step by step instructions, and 30 yummy Mozarttaler chocolate medals filled with nougat and pistachio cream.

Crochet the advent calendar yourself, or get someone who can to make it (thanks Mum!) then fill the 24 parcels with chocolates and chomp on other 6 while crocheting... or not. All that you need are scissors, a crochet hook and basic crochet knowledge, use it again every year, you just need to refill it.

You can embroider the numbers on your crochet calendar or use one of the numbered samples provided. Just cut out the 24 numbers and attach them to each of the 24 packages.

For those looking for something a little bit more stylish this brand new take on the traditional advent calendar from new design brand Lollipop could be the one.

Typographic numbers are beautifully printed to luxurious thick recycled board. The Calendar comes supplied with a set of 24 stickers made up of geometric patterns and cute graphics with a seasonal twist, just choose a sticker daily and use it to cover the number for the day to create your own constantly evolving work of art. On Christmas Eve morning the calendar will be finally complete and transformed with your own personalised pattern.

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