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Thursday, 3 November 2011

A/W 12/13 interiors inspiration & colour: Hyperculture


It's that time of year when Spring Fair previews the new trends from global trend forecasting company WGSN. So if you're looking for the next big thing in interiors and product design look no further. This is part one in a series of three trends for A/W 12/13. I'll be covering the remaining two later this month and you can attend free trend presenations held daily at the show in February. 
First of the series is Hyperculture. Hyperculture mixes multiple cultures, different eras, and manufacturing techniques in endlessly inspiring combinations.
Think of a blanket covered with Native American patterns, woven in China and edged with African beads. In this day and age we share and exchange our cultural influences freely and the hyper-culture trend is all about cultural collaboration; layering elements together so they co-exist harmoniously.
Bold traditional patterns are key to the Hyperculture trend, their unique heritage creating interesting cultural commentaries. Age old craft techniques are fused with modern industrial production methods to create innovative new designs.

The colours are pastels on acid. Slightly different, yet more intense than the pastels we saw last winter. It’s all about statement interiors and caring about the message you send with your product choices.

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