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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Illustrated Bits & Bobs from Zosienka & Rosie

Zosienka & Rosie is a London based design studio that creates beautiful handcrafted paper goods, textiles and ceramics. Each product is adorned with lovely illustrations, often of anthropomorphic creatures such as the Disco Pony or Yawning Hounds.
The brand is a creative venture by two London based illustrators who have been creating an eclectic collection of illustrated bits and bobs including stationary, cards, tea towels, bags, birds and ceramics ever since they met. Inspired predominantly by their fascination with line and pattern, they take an incredibly playful approach towards design and decoration, illustrating a menagerie of mischievous characters with delicate and graceful pen strokes. The Wolf Howl print below is top of my Christmas list. 

You can buy Zosienka & Rosie products online via their Big Cartel shop

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