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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Simply Vintage Designs at The Thames Festival

Melissa Waudby sells vintage teacup candles, vintage trimming, ribbons, button jars, and elegant cake stands. She is the owner and designer of Simply Vintage Designs, a company born from a love of all things vintage and handmade. I met her outside the National Theatre at the Thames Festival last weekend when I purchased an irresistible cream matching set of teacup candles from her.

As a vintage devotee she hopes her items will bring a little vintage charm into the world. All her products are handmade, with stock sourced from vintage supplies, reclaimed, up-cycled and organic products.

The centrepieces of her collection are her beautiful vintage teacup candles. Sourced from around the country, Melissa lovingly cleans and restores them, then fills them with organic, pure soy wax. She hasn’t just stuck to teacups; she also creates beautiful pieces poured into crystal and glassware. Some candles are left au naturel and some have fragrance and colour added to them to tie in with their design.

Best of all, once the candle is done you can simply give the cup a rinse in hot soapy water and re-use it for afternoon tea!

If you're interested in refilling your teacup candles yourself then you can find out how to here.

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