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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Jimbob Art - Mr Raccoon Loves a Macaroon!

James Ward is Jimbob Art; he likes to draw badgers in their pants and bears dressed up as Luchadors. James hand draws all his illustrations directly onto ceramics, so each piece is completely unique. With slogans such as “Eats cakes and Leaves" and "I love biscuits and Beats” his illustrations use eccentric animals, and fanciful slogans to bring human emotions and expressions to life.
Initially James wanted to produce work that wasn't going to be too expensive. He couldn't afford to get t-shirts printed or screen prints, so he bought plates from charity shops and Tesco’s, porcelain pens from his local craft shop, and headed off to the nearest Craft Market. He then set up his Etsy shop and the business grew from there.
I met James last weekend when Jimbob Art was exhibiting and illustrating live art as part of The Crafty Fox Market at the Thames Festival. Speaking to James he clearly see’s the market as a great way to communicate with  customers and other designer-makers, getting feedback and finding out about new opportunities, as well as being a valued retail opportunity.


I'm now the proud owner of one of his 'El Guapo' bear prints from his Luchador side plate series, which also includes a squirrel known as ' The Dominator' - notorious for the wedge slam of '85 that saw his opponent crack his own nuts - and a mouse with a blue lightening bolt mask called the 'Sandwich Destroyer.'

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