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Monday, 5 September 2011

Keep Cup Win Most Innovative Product Award

So today has been a busy day... in between running all over Autumn Fair, filming all the highlights of the show, I've gotten to meet some lovely exhibitors and seen some fantastic new products. I'd be hard pressed to cover them all, but I wanted to share with you my favourite from today, and that would be KeepCup.

I first came across KeepCup along with the now infamous Hazel Stark during Clerkenwell Design Week at the Clerkenwell Green, Craft Central pop-up store. (The Corner Shop, 21 Clerkenwell Green, London EC1R 0DX - watch out for the London Design Festival preview store that's open between the 6-10th September)

Today KeepCup got to add the prestigious Cookshop and Housewares Association 'Most Innovative Product' award to their ever expanding collection of accolades. And very rightly deserved, the family business - run by sister and brother duo Abigail and Jaime Forsyth - has already been commended by the Australian Prime minister for their contribution to the environment. 

They have crucially recognised that take-away coffee is costing our environment dearly. By re-using a sustainable alternative, a significant environmental impact can be made to reduce landfill. Unsatisfied with the alternatives to replace disposable cups, they designed the KeepCup.

I encourage you to visit the website, the options for personalising the cups are endless, and incredibly fun. Not only can you design your own cup in a size and colour to suit your own taste, you also get to make a positive choice to maintain or even - fingers crossed - improve our environment. If only we all chose a KeepCup perhaps we could really make a difference.

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