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Monday, 5 September 2011

Formex and Stockholm City of Style

Last week was my first visit to Stockholm to see the trade design show Formex. It's the largest trade fair showcasing Nordic design and I was impressed, the show was beautifully presented; new products were carefully interspersed with trend led inspiration areas.


I particularly liked their collaboration with PUB, a department store in central Stockholm which would be best compared to Selfridges. Working together with Formex and their-top floor resident interiors store R.O.O.M they put together really impressive show preview for the general public.

Design is huge in Sweden, and with most residents owning at least two homes, equal importance is placed in home design as in fashion. 

The Swedes do most things with a certain amount of their innate style and Formex definitely reflected that. Below are some of my picture highlights...

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