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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Ceramic 'Knitwear Birds' by Katy Jennings

Talented ceramicist Katy Jennings 'Knitwear Birds' made their debut at 'the show' at the Royal College of Art. I had the pleasure of seeing them on Saturday, as part of the ‘Graduates & Antiquarians’ exhibition. It featured collaborative displays by MA graduates from the department of Ceramics & Glass.  

Katy describes her birds as “Frustrated at not having their own identity both as a bird within a species and as piece within production. The Knitwear Birds took drastic action, and became individuals."
To help give them their own sense of individuality she chips each mould before casting each bird. She then hand screen prints bespoke tailored ‘sweaters’ onto their statuettes using a combination of traditional and modern application techniques - vibrant onglaze and soft inglaze, to achieve a wonderfully bold, graphic effect. 

They look stunning, and are all beautifully hand crafted pieces of ceramic art - but personally, I just love the idea of birds wearing sweaters.

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