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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Papier-mâché deer heads from Ruby's Lounge

I’ve been seeing a lot of resin and cardboard animal heads mounted on walls recently. Let's face it antlers seem to have taken centre stage. They fit perfectly with the upcoming Faux Real trend that is all about questioning the boundaries between the real and the fake. Essentially imitation becomes inspiration for a new, slightly surreal look that involves mixing natural materials with unnatural colours.

I've been 'hunting' for something a little more unique and eye-catching than the norm, something to set against my wallpaper to create an unexpected and on trend 'urban camouflage' effect. These paper deer heads from Etsy store Ruby's Lounge are spot on, plus they're such a brilliant conversation piece.

Handmade by artist Jennifer Khoshbin, the series is called Handmade Wilderness -The Paper Deer Head Project. The deer, and other animal head creations, are essentially her exploration into the beauty and authenticity of nature. She creates the deer heads herself - Papier-mâché and decoupage on resin cast heads. She then covers them in wallpaper which has been inspired either by home life, nature, or both. She call's them her 'modern trophies', and honestly why wouldn't she?

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