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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Londonereas prints by Vic Lee

Vic Lee was my top pick from the Crafts Central market at Clerkenwell Design Week. His love of London is evident in every single print he produces. Initially hand sketching each scene in intricate detail then once completed he screen prints them individually by hand onto sumptuous cotton paper using traditional printing techniques.

True to his roots and keen to retain traditional methods of production, from freehand illustrating to screen printing, Vic’s work has a Victorian appearance with a contemporary twist. His numerous historical bon mots are meticulously and brilliantly researched, artfully blending the old with the new.

From Northcote Road in Battersea, to Church Street in Stoke Newington, Clifton Road in Maida Vale to Exmouth Market in Clerkenwell. South, North, West and East, these are the places Vic calls his Londonereas – Londoners areas, the secret gems of London and his artistic bread and butter.

He sums it up perfectly in his own words:

“London - a city made of pork scratchings and warm ale. Where city folk mingle with skinny jeaned hombres on fixed wheel beauties. Where ladies sip lattes and bounce mini them on bended knee. Where quiffs and toffs strut and traders sing their wares, two for a pand, two for a pand. A city without walls, but full of pride. “

Don't miss his brand new East London Boozer and London Forever mugs, just what you need for a nice cup'a char me old china.

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