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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Leather Acapulco Chair from Greenpointworks

I just can't get enough of Acapulco chairs. I thought I'd found my perfect match when I discovered the turquoise vinyl version and then I chanced upon this.

The original classic Acapulco Chair was designed in the 1950s in the Mexican beach town of the same name. Apparently it was inspired by Mayan weaving techniques. Made with a powder coated iron frame and flexible vinyl cord they're designed to withstand the elements.

This gorgeous ‘city size’ leather Acapulco City Chair from Greenpointworks is made with leather cording as opposed to vinyl. I love the leather... it feels so sophisticated.  Makes me want to run off and buy a loft in Brooklyn full of vintage books, leather furniture, raw brickwork and distressed wood. Lovely.

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