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Monday, 13 June 2011

Whoosh! Bang! Bam! Howkapow!

This chunky monochromatic geometric necklace puts me in mind of Grace Jones in her mid-1980s Keith Haring period. Back in the day when she represented all that was cutting edge in the world of style and fashion and we didn’t just regard her as a bit of a loon. Come to think of it doesn’t she remind you a little of Lady Gaga? Anyway I digress... 

The Howkapow jewellery label is the brainchild of Central Saint Martin’s graduate Cat How. Howkapow was inspired by Cat and her husband Rog's experiences at artist markets in Melbourne and London, while selling her jewellery. They continually came across super talented artists and designer makers who lacked either the marketing knowledge or the correct commercial support - and so in early December 2010, on returning to Bristol, Howkapow was born.

The Howkapow shop showcases work from the best breakthrough talent. Every piece hand selected by Rog and Cat who believe strongly in supporting emerging creative’s with a stand-out style. It’s perfect if you’re on the lookout for something unusual and a little bit eclectic at affordable prices. With new pieces in store every season ranging from jewellery, homewares accessories, to furniture and illustration you'd be hard pressed not to find something new to inspire you every time.

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