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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Fisherman lights by TAF Arkitektkontor for Zero

Stockholm based design studio TAF Arkitektkontor have created these striking Fisherman Lights for Swedish company Zero. Originally released back in April, I saw them for the first time at Clerkenwell Design Week.
Inspired by old fashioned glass fishing floats that were used by fisherman to keep their nets afloat, these huge pendant lights would be a great statement addition to any room.

The rope that supports the polypropylene light shell is handmade by a small company, located in Hönö on the Swedish west coast, who specialise in making rope and nets for the fishing industry. They knit each net individually by hand.

Rope-making is a bit of a dying art in Sweden and apparently it was extremely hard to find a company with the knowledge on how to knit these types of round nets. 

In doing so TAF and Zero have not only produced a stunning light, but have also provided an alternate source of income for the rope makers, admirably helping to give the industry a new lease of life.

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