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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Tea Sub by OTOTO design studio from Luckies of London

I’ve always had aspirations to become the next Jacques Cousteau, (since I discovered a starfish on the beach at Morecambe Bay as a child) and with this cute Tea Sub from Luckies of London designed by Israeli studio OTOTO, I’m one step closer to realising my dream.

Jacques yellow submarine could dive to a depth of 100 metres. The Tea Sub can dive to a depth of approximately 8cms. (that’s to the bottom of an average sized mug)

It’s made of silicone so you don’t get any unpleasant rubbery aftertaste; you simply fill it with loose tea and dunk it into your mug. Plus it has a handy little hook that you can use to anchor it to the side of your cup. 

To get the full benefit of watching the tea leaves infuse it’s best to use a clear mug.

I tested the sub out at the weekend and thought I’d try something a little different, so I filled it with Assam tea leaves and some masala chai powder then submersed it in some hot milk and voila! a few minutes later I had a tasty chai latte

I’ve been trying to perfect one since returning from India so I’m treating this revelation as if it’s some sort of lifechanging scientific breakthrough. My own little voyage of discovery! Thanks to Tea Sub, Luckies, Monsieur Jacques Cousteau and not forgetting... that starfish on the beach at Morecambe .

Jacques Cousteau's yellow submarine

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