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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Kozyndan armchair by This is a Limited Edition

Kozyndan This is a Limited Edition armchair stand E15
Close up of ghostly rabbits
This stunning armchair by This is a Limited Edition has been manufactured as part of an exclusive run of just 33 chairs; all hand made in the UK.

The ghostly rabbit print design is by artistic duo Kozyndan, who are Dan and Kozue Kitchens.

The  Los Angeles based artists' drawings portray urban and aquatic scenes which, on closer inspection, often reveal something to be a little off. In their 'Uprisings' print; which pays homage to a Hokusai creation, they've used lots of little tiny bunnies to form the crest of a wave.

This is a Limited Edition are showing the armchair for the first time at Grand Designs on stand E15 in The Design Arcade. Each chair comes with a certificate of authenticity with it's edition number printed on the underside of the chair, snap one up quick as these puppies are sure to sell out fast.

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