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Thursday, 26 May 2011

'The House of Detention' Clerkenwell Design Week

Clerkenwell House of Detention

Clerkenwell Design Week has gone underground to The House of Detention! The haunted Victorian prison closed its doors to the public in 2000 when Customs and Excise Boarded it up owing to the managements failure to pay their VAT, but it has been reopened to the public again solely for Clerkenwell Design Week and is housing an exhibition of emerging talents and creative installations. 

See my photo highlights (please forgive the darkness I was basically trying to take pictures in a cave) here:

Entrance to The House of Detention and its many cell shops and installations
Icarus Light designed by Daniel Latorre Cruz
Henzel + Hunt bespoke table and bench seats from their new 'Made in Peckham' range
Contemporay delicate patterned Timorous Beasties lace
Sarah Wiestner’s axcrylics mirrors, MDF and LEDs lights installation
Sky Planters deigned by Patrick Morris for Boskke
Needle adjustable LED task lights from Vitamin
David David X Glass Hill Small geometric patterned dining chairs (edition of 25)
Duffy London Shadow Chair special mirrored edition
Lizzie Mary Cullen interactive drawing cell

Lizzie has created an interactive drawing installation that visitors can contribute to. The concept is based on old-fashioned Dickensian cartography - a nod to The House of Detention venue at Clerkenwell Design Week. Once completed she plans to wrap it around the space.

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