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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Flux Chairs from PAD Home

These innovative Flux Chairs really caught my eye at Grand Designs Live yesterday, they are truly unique.

In essence the Flux is a beautiful piece of  furniture that transforms from a flat package with a handle into a designer chair and back again. 

Made of  recyclable polypropylene, they fold down into an “envelope” for ease of transport or storage. 
PAD Home stand E67 Grand Designs
Constructed using curved fold lines with fasteners that integrate into the single sheet. It takes seconds to put one together or take it down. The Flux is super light; only five kilos, making it easy to carry around, either from the kitchen to the garden or even to a festival or the beach. Apparently if you stack 77 of them they only reach 1 metre high! 

The design originates from a tiny, paper scale model of a chair, cut out of a single sheet of paper and then fully realised by designer Tom Schouten.
Flux chair
PAD Home are the exclusive UK distributor of Flux and are launching exclusively at Grand Designs Live this week. You can find them on stand E67 in the Design Arcade and choose from the 8 different colours available.

I'm still kicking myself I didn't get the time to put an order in and take advantage of their special show offer. Hopefully I'll get the chance to nip back and see them during the week.

UPDATE 05/05/2011 Flux Chairs and Pad Home win product of the year 2011 at Grand Designs!


chat_le_chien said...

These chairs are awesome! Could be handy for Glasto next month...did you sit in one and if so are they comfy?

Lucy Hotston said...

Super comfy and so light and easy to carry too, perfect for Glasto!

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