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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Daniel Latorre Cruz Icarus lampshade

Daniel Latorre Cruz was another discovery during Clerkenwell Design Week, hidden in the depths of The House of Detention.
I glanced up to see his Icarus lampshades hanging from the damp ceiling, giving the cell a wonderful touch of Gothic romanticism. The old Victorian prison provided him the perfect setting to show them off.
Daniel creates the shades from handmade paper, the fronds of the shade taking on the appearance of the kind of feathers which Icarus would have used to make his wings.
Natural daylight adds to their beautiful dreamy effect, making the shades appear ethereal, the light shining around the rim of the shade creating an outer glow not dissimilar to a halo.

I really enjoy his playful take on traditional lighting concepts. Perfect for bringing some subtle winged charm to your home without flying too close to the sun.

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