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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Fatboy Doggie Lounge

Lox the Bagel Hound
So I'm confined to the house for the next 10 days as Lox recovers from her operation to remove her bits... it's quite difficult keeping a 6 month old puppy settled and quiet when she doesn't quite grasp that she's just had major surgery.

What she needs is a comfy bed so she can lounge around in the back yard with me without having to sit on the paving. And somewhere to chill in the lounge without constantly trying to get up on the sofa and potentially rip her stitches out.

I think I've found just the thing, this Doggie Lounge from Fatboy looks perfect. Its made of hard wearing material so it can be used outside and definitely looks comfy, hopefully its piddle proof too!
UPDATE 03/05/2011 Just as a side note I'd like to say thanks to the lovely Bas from Fatboy for sorting one of these out for me at Grand Designs Live today... his help, and patience, was very much appreciated! go see them on stand L334 in the Grand Interiors section.

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